5 Reasons Why Self-Care Is Also Relationship Care
Gaby Balsells |
October 8, 2021 |

I think of self-care as taking care of my body and my energy, so I can show up fully in my day as the best version of me in that moment. Ideally, I manage to show up with presence, empathy, patience, and positive energy most days, although it doesn’t always happen. But when it does, I can notice that it’s the result of intentionally planning out practices that help me unwind, or recharge during my busy weeks.

So, I believe we practice self-care so we can feel happy and healthy in our bodies and lives. But also, so we can be happier and healthier people in the world and with the important people in our worlds.

Here are few ways that romantic relationships actually benefit from these practices of caring for ourselves:

  • Self-care helps you “Fill Your Own Cup”:

Trite, I know! But we can all admit it´s true- By allowing yourself to set boundaries and prioritize time and care for yourself, you can manage and reduce stress, and recharge your energy. Which is necessary to care and connect with others.

Less personal stress directly translates into less tension in your relationship. Self care helps us get closer to a more patient and compassionate version of ourselves, which means you can show up more fully for the people in your life. I know when I´ve had more balance in my life, I can show up as a more patient wife, sister, mother, friend, etc. And just overall a happier person in the world.

  • Self Care can lead to more clarity around feelings and personal needs:

Self-care practices like yoga, meditation, breathwork, dance, exercise, etc. help you get more in touch with your body. You become more aware of your energy levels and inner experience. Over time, it can help you become clearer on your feelings and needs. Self knowledge is always a good thing, and can lead to better communication on your part as you can be more clear with your personal needs, requests you make of your partner, or overall assertiveness.

  • Self Care normalizes receiving support outside of the relationship:

You never need to justify your boundaries or your alone time. But the cool thing about self-care is that by taking time to check in with yourself and doing things you enjoy, you model this permission for others. As Liz Gilbert says, “there’s no such thing as one-way liberation”. It gives both of you the space to enjoy different activities, take time apart, create other connections.

You might even feel a need for more professional support, like booking a session of yoga, therapy, life coaching, a massage, etc.

This is helpful because all couples are different, and some enjoy lots of time together while others have more independent lives. But while our partner can be the most important person in your world, but they can’t be expected to fulfill every role in your world all the time! And one of the most beautiful feelings in the world is community care = all of us supporting one another in community.

  • Romantic Partners can get to know each other better:

You can get curious about how you’re different! Exploring what each one of you enjoys, and what activities help you relax & recharge, you can get to know each other more. Much like the different love languages- understanding what self-care activities work for each and why – can help you understand each other better, and even give you more information on how to support each other when needed.

It might help you make more sense of your partner’s mood at the end of a long day, or the way they handle stressful seasons at work!

  • Self Care Practices Can Become Shared Quality Time in Relationships:

Caring for yourself doesn’t always have to be done alone!

Activities together can be carried out actively, by talking or engaging with each other. Or just side by side, as in a restorative yoga class. These are moments of Quality Time together than can create deeper bonding and trust, especially if one person “invites” the other to share in the sacred, special self care activities that they know and love.

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I guide power couples to build happy, thriving and long lasting relationships.

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