This Is My Story

As a sensitive kid and a middle child (one of three sisters), there was a part of me that always felt misunderstood. My parents separated when I was in my early teenage years, and I witnessed, already with some level of human curiosity, the drama and pain in their relationship. What followed was a long process of off and on conflict and confusion. I could feel and see the life impact this caused on them and on our family.

This became a catalyst to try to understand relationships and why some work and some don’t. Initially from a fear-based place, I wanted to learn how to protect my heart. With time fear transformed into inspiration and desire to find a path forward and a way of healing, which led me to choose my career as a scientific observer of human behavior – a psychologist.

I completed my Clinical Psychology Degree when I was 23 years old, but I felt intimidated by the risks of stablishing my private practice. I interiorized lots of external worries: “How scary to not have a steady paycheck!”. So, I completed a master’s degree in Talent Management and took on a corporate job. I though peace of mind would come with a stable income. It sounds dramatic now, but back then, I felt like that job was sucking my soul.

Caminante no hay camino, 

Se hace camino al andar. 

I was unhappy and confused, unmotivated and lost. I was in my biggest existential crisis! But one amazingly positive thing came out of it: I met my first love and now husband- a risk taking, problem solving engineer. The Yang to my Yin.

After only 6 months of dating, we embarked on our first great adventure: We were sent in an expat assignment to Mexico City. We embraced the fresh start, as we also suffered with changes and distance from friends and family. In a country that is not yours, you need your partner more than ever. You need a teammate.

In Mexico I completed Yoga Teacher Training and studied Somatic Therapy. I searched for intellectual challenges and found my second love: Emotionally Focused Therapy. I dove in headfirst and took the leap of faith and started my Private Practice, supporting adults and couples.

I finally came back to the US and completed my training at the New York Center for EFT, backed by studies on Trauma Healing. Currently I live in the New York Tri-state area. I have spent 10+ years now supporting individuals & couples heal their relationship to themselves and cultivate deeper and more conscious love to their partner(s). 

I truly hope I can do the same for you.