couple sitting on a grey couch in couples therapy

Couples counseling

$250 USD (75 minute session)

Weekly online sessions for couples wanting to resolve conflict & improve communication, to create stronger connection.

I see you…

  • You have a good relationship, but when it comes to communicating in a way that reflects your true feelings AND connects with your partner… you feel like you are speaking different languages

  • You are committed to each other, but when it comes to handling your differences you feel stuck

  • You know some things have to change, but don’t know how to navigate those topics without disagreeing

  • You’re missing the peace and quality time that would make this relationship feel like the safe haven you desire

  • At the end of the day, you go to bed feeling undervalued and overlooked

I help couples understand each other and become a true team!

    The Transformation:

    Relational growth is all about acquiring skills, beliefs and character traits. To advance, I believe that we must first determine which of these we lack. I will diagnose the patterns in your relationship to identify the real problem and outline the game plan to resolve it. 

    Our together will be rooted in healing past triggers that get in the way of your present, to elevate emotional intelligence and learn to manage your feelings and reactions in a way that maximizes freedom and minimizes defensiveness. You will make sense of your differences and learn to prevent and resolve conflict in a healthy way.

    From there, we will double down on improving communication. I will be the bridge to translate your differences and teach you communication skills that you’ve never been taught before. I will teach you my framework to talk about anything (sex, desires, hurt feelings, etc.) with confidence and clarity.

    And to finalize, we will develop and put in place Relationship Maintenance practices to protect and enhance your bond over time. This includes habits to prioritize connection, strategies to develop trust, intimacy rituals and and the 3 different types of quality time that really move the needle in creating a long lasting romance. 


    The End Result:

    Less Defensiveness & More Peace.

    You will understand yourself and your partner better than you could have ever imagined. 

    Conversations and decision making will feel like a win-win. 

    You will have strategies and tools to deal with the ups & downs that life inevitably throws your way, side by side as a true team. 

    Deeper Intimacy– Sexual, Physical & Emotional. 

    Your relationship will become an asset that supports your individual life in key pillars such as work, health, family, etc.

    Improved Communication and understanding.

    This honesty & compatibility will allow you to become more intentional in creating a life together by your own design. 

     “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find…

    “…all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it”.