Couples Therapy

$250 USD (60 minute session)

An intimate experience for couples to elevate connection and create a thriving partnership.  

I see you…

  • You have a good relationship, but when it comes to communicating in a way that reflects your true essence AND connects with your partner… you feel stuck

  • Your connection feels steady, but you’re longing to go deeper

  • You know some things have to change, but don’t know how to navigate those topics without disagreeing

  • You’re missing the peace and quality time that would make this feel like the safe haven you desire

  • At the end of the day, you go to bed feeling undervalued and overlooked

I’ve been in your shoes…

I know what it’s like to have such a heartfelt desire for deeper love and support. To see the potential that could be possible if we could just unlock it! I understand what it’s like to have such good intentions but not know how to say and show them in a way that connects and creates understanding. 

I’m not just a Therapist who dabbles in Love & Relationships- Couples Counseling is my jam. I specialized in it in 2017, and have since then helped hundreds of couples and individuals who wanted more from their relationships, and from each other!

Some of the issues I support couples through:

  • Healing past hurt & rebuilding trust
  • Clear communication to feel heard & understood
  • Emotional Mastery
  • Deepening Intimacy: emotional, physical and sexual
  • Conflict resolution and prevention: How to truly stay on the same team
  • Navigating life transitions and crisis as a true partnership
  • Finding authentic agreements + solutions versus compromises that cause resentment over time

Couples Counseling is anchored in my training in Emotionally Focused Therapy, which is an internationally renown couples modality that has decades of empirical research behind it.

Additionally, I use an integrative approach that goes beyond traditional talk therapy to facilitate a deeper transformation. Backed by modern science and empowered by ancient wisdom, I use holistic tools such as:

Breathwork, trauma healing, energy work, meditation, gentle movement, sounding and tantric practices.

This means we take healing one step further, by weaving a marriage of Psycho-Somatic (Mind-Body) deep healing to expand your capacity to tolerate big feelings and rewire old thought and behavior patterns so you can step into your own potential for expansive love, intimacy and growth. 

 “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find…

“…all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it”. 



You may still have some questions…

Do you offer online therapy?

Yes I do! Online therapy, also known as telehealth, has become an essential source of receiving mental health and medical care. Luckily, we know that online therapy is just as effective as in-person sessions.

How long does Couples Therapy last?

Couples usually work with me for any time between 4-6 months, up to 1 year.

Initially, weekly sessions are recommended to gain clarity + momentum and begin seeing results. As we move along the process, I will frequently check-in to inform you where we are in the journey and to make sure we all feel on track with your goals. After key milestones, we might space out sessions to every 2 weeks as I curate the end of our work together. 

How fast/ soon can we start seeing results?

After the initial assessment you will feel the relief and support that comes with feeling greater clarity around you and your partner’s behaviors. Most couples experience noticeable improvement in their interactions after the 10-12 consecutive weekly sessions, when both people are committed to the process both inside and outside of therapy. 

How do we know this approach will work for us?

Because couples therapy is an emotional and financial investment, you want to ensure that you are in the hands of a therapist with real expertise. EFT is considered the gold-standard of couples therapy modalities. Based on a meta-analyses, 90% of couples showed significant improvement in their relationship and 70% of couples shifted from distress to recovery, with lasting results (for heterosexual and LGBT couples).

Feel free to check out my blog and my Instagram to get to know me, my work and my therapy style. 

How does it work? What does the process look like?

The work begins from our very first session together. I know you are looking for support, and greatly value our time. 

In session 1, we will start with a 90 minute couples assessment session during which you will share what brings you to couples therapy, the common arguments you have, and I will ask some preliminary questions about you and the relationship (I will begin tracking where your relationship may be getting stuck). You will get a sense for how I am as a therapist and how I would work with you. This session will help us determine if we are a good fit and if we feel ready to move forward.

Sessions 2 and 3 are 60 minute individual sessions with each of you separately to gather your personal histories (how you grew up, past relationships, etc.). These individual sessions are very important for the rest of the couples work.

After the two individual sessions, we will reconvene for a 60 minute couples counseling session where I will share an overview of our assessment sessions and my recommendations for the path forward. I will provide you with a thorough overview of my process (I believe in being 100% transparent) and answer any further questions that may have come up for you along the way.

From this point forward, we will meet weekly (60 minute sessions) and frequently check-in to make sure we all feel on track with your goals. Over the course of couples counseling, should you or I feel that it’s important to have an individual session, we will make the necessary arrangements.