woman sitting on a couch with a therapist

Individual Therapy

$200 USD (60 minute session)

Intimate and supportive guidance that merges inner healing with relationship coaching to go from feeling anxious, lost and disconnected to feeling whole, worthy and turned on!

If you’re ready to let go of all the stuff that’s been holding you back from the expansive love and joy that you deserve & desire- this is the space for you. 

Wherever you are in your relationship journey- single & hoping to manifest love, in a relationship and struggling, heartbroken, or happily coupled but wanting to go to the next level- you are in the right place. 

By deeply connecting with you and understanding your life experiences, I will dissect where you are storing unhealed wounds in your mind, body and energy- and help you to get rid of them FOR GOOD!

We will map out your relationship patterns so that I can guide you to remove the blocks holding you back from receiving the love and partnership you truly desire. 

Utilizing a variety of tools like emotional release and breathwork, plus talk therapy and relationship coaching, I will walk you through a transformational experience that will elevate your life forever.

You will receive communication skills you’ve never been taught before.

You will learn to understand and soothe your emotions in a way that will set you free. 

You will heal your attachment issues and step into healthy and secure relationships, starting with the most important one: The One with Yourself. 

You get to have it all!

Are you done settling for breadcrumbs and ready to step into deeper intimacy and connection?

You deserve to have extraordinary relationships that feed your heart and soul!

Imagine this…

Imagine loving yourself so deeply that you trust you are your own safe haven relationship.  

Imagine being able to express yourself so authentically that dating and relationships feel flirty and exciting. 

Imagine communicating your needs and desires with confidence. 

Imagine feeling so open to receive pleasure and support, that your romantic relationship becomes the easiest and most vibrant part of your life!

meditation healing

What’s Included:

  • Ongoing 1 hour healing sessions with Gaby, where we will unpack your past, heal wounds stuck in your body and unconscious mind, and teach you how to intentionally create the life & love you desire. 
  • Personal Voice Communication & Messaging with Gaby between sessions so that you can ask questions, receive support and be held in times of need.
  • Takeaway Tools & Practices to soothe anxiety & big emotions, find relief and empower your intuition. This includes practices, meditations, podcasts, readings and so much more!
  • Homework to help you take aligned action and stay accountable in moving the needle forward towards your goals.

Are you ready to fall in love with yourself and manifest the partnership of your dreams??