Individual Therapy

$150 USD (50 minute session)

Weekly sessions to heal your past and release heavy feelings, to reconnect to your Self and create the strength and freedom needed to step into the most authentic and fulfilled version of yourself.

I use an integrative approach that goes beyond traditional talk therapy by blending Emotionally Focused Therapy & Somatic Therapy. This means we take healing one step further by connecting your Body-Mind as a way to heal trauma, elevate self-love and master emotional flexibility.  

Some of the issues I support Individuals through:

  • Healing from heartbreak
  • Uncertainty or fears around attracting a partner
  • Navigating emotions or feeling triggered in relationships
  • Desire to reconnect to your Self
  • Elevating self-love and learning to trust yourself

Working with me, you can expect to have a safe and empathetic space to explore feelings and challenge thoughts to change patterns of behavior.

You will amplify your intuition and clarify your personal values and true desires, resulting in greater abundance and fulfillment. 


 “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find…

“…all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it”.