Individual THERAPY


$200 USD (60 minute session)

You are ready to:

Heal your past, transform your relationship patterns and fall in love with yourself.

Anchor into trust and self-worth. 

So that you can call in the high value relationship you desire. 

So that you can elevate your relationship through deeper connection.  

So you can feel inner peace and come home to yourself.

This space is for the woman who’s ready to surrender into growth, heal all that’s holding her back and create the life & love of her dreams! 

You may be a personal growth junkie, or you may have never read a self-help book in your life! None of that matters, I meet you exactly where you are, right now at this moment of your personal path.

This journey will allow you to:

  • Heal from heartbreak
  • Get crystal clear on your relationship patterns
  • Befriend your feelings & ease your biggest fears
  • Rewire codependency, attachment and unhealthy patterns into healthy + abundant ways of relating
  • Elevate your intuition and self-trust 
  • Become your most expressed & authentic Self with partners and lovers

And as a by product you will Become your own dream partner, unlocking the deep relief and inner peace of knowing you have your own back no matter what!

You will also receive high value Mentorship around Conscious Dating & Fulfilling Relationships to feel intimately guided and supported as you create the love life you truly desire.

Imagine this…

Imagine loving yourself so deeply that you trust you are your own safe haven relationship.  

Imagine being able to express yourself so authentically that dating and relationships feel flirty and exciting. 

Imagine communicating your needs and desires with confidence. 

Imagine feeling so open to receive pleasure and support, that your romantic relationship becomes the easiest and most vibrant part of your life!

I use an integrative approach that goes beyond traditional talk therapy, to facilitate a deeper transformation. Backed by modern science and empowered by ancient wisdom, I use holistic tools such as:

Breathwork, trauma healing, energy work, meditation, gentle movement, sounding and tantric practices.

This means we take healing one step further, by weaving a perfect marriage of Body-Mind deep healing from past hurt to step into your own potential for self-love, empowerment and expansion.