Premarital Counseling

$1,500 USD (For Full Package)

An intimate guided experience for modern power couples who want to set a solid foundation & strengthen your relationship before moving in together or getting married.

Set Up for Success!

When it comes to your relationship, I believe you can work smarter and not harder! I’ll show you what really moves the needle in terms of making you both feel loved, understood, and cared for.

We will crack the code for long lasting partnership! You will walk away knowing what it takes to create a fulfilling and thriving partnership, and set up practices to maintain and care for your bond so that you ensure romance grows over time!

This package includes 6 hours of Premarital Counseling: divided in 6 modules x 60 minutes each where you will get intensive relationship support + coaching.  


Imagine the ease you’d feel if you tackled any lingering issues before taking the next step in your life together.

Imagine waking up every morning feeling like you have a real teammate that deeply hears and understands you.

Imagine stepping into deeper intimacy, desire, and trust between you.

That’s my reality and my client’s reality. I want that for you! 

After this experience, it will be yours too.

There is a 30% higher marital success rate for couples who received counseling before their wedding than those who did not.


MODULE 1: Attachment Styles & Emotional Intelligence

You’ll understand the way you each relate to one another and your specific connection style. I’ll teach you the most common relationship challenges for your unique dynamic, and how to avoid them.

MODULE 2: Conflict Management & Resolution

No more getting caught off guard having the same fights over and over again! I’ll teach you how to get ahead of conflict so that you always feel like you’re on the same team, as well as ways to move through anger in ways that are supportive for your unique personalities. 

You will learn how to “repair” aka how to kiss + make up even after big fights, in a way that truly resolves them. Together with the art of a heartfelt apology to ensure you feel heard and understood – even when you hurt each other!

MODULE 3: Finances, Roles & Responsabilities

We’ll clarify your expectations around Finances, and set up practices that sustain a money management plan that’s in alignment with your long-term goals.

Additionally, learn what it means to craft a relationship by your own design: we will define your desired roles in managing your house & shared life, and specify boundaries around family and in-laws so that you prioritize your relationship while also creating a supportive community.

MODULE 4: Communication

I’ve decoded effective communication and turned it into an empathy-based framework that guarantees both of you feel truly heard and understood. You’ll master the formula for clear and open communication to voice boundaries, needs and desires in a powerful yet loving way.

MODULE 5: Sex & Intimacy

It’s time to get really clear on what to do to have a vibrant sex life! I coach you on how to decipher your desire type, what to do about differences in libido and we will define what amplifies + what blocks deeper connection in your relationship.  

You will understand your specific turn-ons as well as the essential ingredients that craft the recip for satisfying sex! This will be a sex positive, safe space to step into deeper and hotter connection. 

MODULE 6: Relationship Maintenance + Rituals for Long Lasting Partnership

You’ll get my specific formula for the 3 types of quality time you need to ensure long-term fulfillment, and really understand what makes love last.

I will give you a framework for a Relationship Check In- think of it as regular maintenance to prevent a crisis, just like you would a medical checkup- and we will put systems in place to make sure you’re prioritizing your relationship over time.